Best Commercial Flooring Options

If you’re a contractor who constructs commercial buildings, each project requires special flooring that’s designed to take a lot of punishment and look great all the while. Greenfield Flooring specializes in superior commercial flooring, and we’d like to offer a few of the best flooring options for commercial buildings. Learn why there’s no need to compromise when it comes to looks and functionality.


Hardwood FlooringIt’s nearly impossible to go wrong with hardwood flooring, even if you aren’t working with a commercial property. One of the best things about cost-effective hardwood floors is their general durability, even without the additions of new flooring technology. Once hardwood floors are laid down, it’s necessary to take proper care of them for them to last and function as long as possible.   

Sheet Vinyl

Another flooring option that is both strong and durable, sheet vinyl is also one of the more visually sheet vinyl flooring rochester nyappealing commercial flooring options. One thing to bear in mind with vinyl flooring is that it comes in a number of pricing options, but the less expensive options aren’t always the strongest or best looking, nor do they last as long as their more expensive counterparts. In regards to maintenance, it’s best to keep them well-swept and vacuumed to reduce the risk of scratches and other marks.


laminate flooringIf you or your clients desire a flooring option that’s a bit more environmentally friendly than hardwood, laminate could make for the perfect choice, mainly because it doesn’t have the same premium wood content as hardwood. Areas that receive an abundance of humidity or fluctuating temperatures might be better suited for laminate floors, which are made to resist contracting and expanding.


linoleum flooring rochester nyContinuing with environmentally friendly floors, there are several more options you can choose from. Cork, bamboo, linoleum, concrete and rubber are also great eco-friendly options. No matter which you or your clients choose for your commercial projects, be sure the material (and the supplier) is as environmentally friendly as it might claim to be.


vctVCT, also known as vinyl composite tile, is one of the more common flooring options for commercial constructions. You don’t have to worry about floors fading from the effects of the sun’s rays, and they can last as many as 20 years with very little damage to show for it. VCT floors can be made to be slip-resistant as well, and they come in a number of different designs to choose from.


No matter which type of commercial flooring you choose, you can’t go wrong when Greenfield Flooring is on the job. We complete projects on time, on budget and allow you to maintain your occupancy. Get in touch with us for more information on quality flooring.       

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