How to Choose a New Commercial Carpet for Your Business

commercial carpet

The carpet is a major component of an office building’s aesthetic. The employees should enjoy looking at it every day. Guests should feel welcomed in part from seeing a beautiful carpet. When you are perusing different types of commercial carpets for your business, make sure to keep several factors in mind.


A lot of people will work over your office carpet. You do not want to have to replace a new carpet after only a year or two. Therefore, it makes sense to get something resilient. Carpets with dark colors are useful for heavy traffic buildings. People track in soil from their shoes, and a white or light-colored carpet is going to show soiling sooner than darker carpets.


You also need to ask yourself if a certain carpet is suitable for what a room will be used for. For example, an even more durable carpet may be needed if the carpet could be exposed to chemicals, such as chlorine. You also want to be sure the carpet passes the NBS Smoke Chamber Test so that you are prepared in the event of a fire.


The first step in determining the best color is figuring out whether you want something light or dark based on the amount of traffic coming through the building. Next, you have to figure out what specific color is ideal. You should consider the vibe you want your office building to give off. Law offices may need something plain and professional. Business owners who want to show off their company’s fun side may choose to go with something bright and bold.


Patterning is also important. Again, you do not want an overly distracting carpet. Pick something appropriate for the vibe you want your organization to have.

Carpet Cost

Cost is a huge factor. You should create a budget for how much you intend to spend on a new commercial carpet before meeting with professionals. Patterns tend to cost more, so you may want to go with solid colors if you are looking to cut costs.


In addition to the initial cost, you also want to look at how much it will cost to maintain the carpet. Some types of carpets just need to be vacuumed once in a while. Others require a professional commercial cleaning service. You want your new carpet looking great for many more years.

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