Is Hardwood Flooring a Good Option for Commercial Buildings?

commercial hardwood flooring

Hardwood is a popular flooring option for homeowners but it is seen less often in commercial buildings. When remodeling your own commercial space, why not consider professionally installing hardwood flooring? We’ve put together some helpful information that may help your decision.

Pros of Hardwood Floors

There are numerous advantages to using hardwood. First, it is easy to install. Many buildings have concrete as a base, so it’s simple to install wood over it. Hardwood is also better for your building’s air quality. Certain types of flooring are more likely to capture allergens and dander, but hardwood is simple to clean, which is one quality your janitorial staff is sure to enjoy.

Hardwood is an extremely durable material. It becomes even more durable when you get a good finish to go along with it. We recommend an acrylic impregnated finish for your hardwood flooring to extend its longevity.

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Cons of Hardwood Floors

There are not many downsides to installing hardwood flooring. However, it does tend to cost more than other options. It is much more upscale than other floors. While you will spend more money upfront, you can expect to get more out of your investment because hardwood is so resilient.

Hardwood floors also tend to be a bit noisier. Fortunately, rugs can dampen this sound to make sound quality more pleasant around the office. Additionally, you should not have to worry about the noise as long as employees are not stomping around in boots.

Instructions for Maintaining Hardwood Flooring

There are various steps for keeping your hardwood flooring in pristine condition. First, inform all of your workers to avoid wearing shoes that could damage the floors. You should also never scrub the floor with an item containing metal, which means scouring pads are out of the question. You should avoid using any products that contain:

  • Silicon
  • Tung oil
  • Citrus
  • Lemon

As long as you follow all these instructions, there is no reason why your hardwood flooring cannot last 25 years or longer. It may last even longer if you refinish floors often. Get a superb product from the experts at Greenwood Flooring. We have clients in Rochester, NY who have enjoyed our hardwood flooring and your commercial building can be next. Call us at 585-444-0105 to get started. If hardwood does not seem right for you, look at other options of flooring.

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