The Best Flooring Materials for Specific Commercial Building Projects

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Choosing the right kind of flooring for your commercial building project is an essential step in designing the most efficient and lucrative business for your investment. Industries have different needs and a variety of issues each day, and the right type of flooring can make things run more smoothly. At Greenfield Flooring, we work with our clients to help them make the best decisions about flooring materials for commercial construction and more. Here are some of our recommendations.

Medical Practices

A medical building gets a large amount of foot traffic and wear and tear from heavy medical equipment being routinely transferred. Medical centers must also meet strict sanitation requirements to help avoid the spread of disease. Providers and patients prefer durable floors, such as linoleum flooring, that make cleaning simple and rolling transport effortless. Things can get dirty pretty fast in a doctor’s office or hospital, so building managers need to be able to make sanitation a cinch.

Educational Institutions

Elementary schools, secondary schools, colleges, and universities also have specific needs when it comes to flooring. Durability is a key component of a good material for a floor in this industry. Budget also matters for flooring options, since many educational institutions are funded by public taxes. The floors in these buildings go through a lot, with thousands of students and teachers using them each day. Carpet tiles, porcelain, broadloom, and linoleum are all popular choices for educational buildings.

Retail Centers

In the retail industry, flooring can vary depending on the type of company, its visual branding standards, and its corporate identity. High-end stores that focus on fashion may have a sophisticated aesthetic with a product such as hardwood floors. Other retail centers that offer more budget shopping choices may require construction of a building with a more durable floor choice, such as vinyl. Carpet tile is another popular choice for organizations that need a softer style inside of their stores.

Workplace Buildings

Like the retail industry, companies that need flooring in the workplace also represent a variety of different fields. Workplaces have a large variation in purpose, and the flooring may reflect the company’s ultimate goals. Additionally, flooring may be used to designate different types of rooms within a large corporation or small business. For example, a company break room could be equipped with a durable flooring, such as ceramic tile, and a corporate boardroom may look better with something more upscale, such as hardwood or a luxurious carpet.

The truth is that flooring matters and is dependent on the type of industry your building project is part of. Find out more by contacting Greenfield Flooring through our online contact form.

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