Understanding Your Options for Eco-Friendly Flooring.

There are many reasons one would consider eco-friendly flooring options. If you’re thinking about remodeling the floors in your house or office building, or if you want to easily boost your new building’s interior air quality, or if you just want to make your building more “green,” Greenfield Flooring is here to introduce you to your options for eco-friendly flooring.

Eco-friendly “green” flooring starts with how the product is produced and the materials used to install it. We’ve put together this list of the wonderful eco-friendly products we have to offer you for your next flooring job.


Those who like to walk around their homes barefoot are sure to love the way that cork floors feel underneath their toes. This softwood is naturally elastic, a feature that lends it sound and heat insulation capabilities.

Cork material deters insects from setting up shop in your home, and cork doesn’t act as a dust magnet. Additionally, this eco-friendly option is also noted for being quick and easy to recover from scuff marks as well as marks from furniture.


Homeowners and business owners in need of a flooring option that will last them and their property for years and years to come should give strong consideration to bamboo. This “green” flooring is harder than both red oak and maple, which means it can take a serious beating over time and still retain its great looks.

You don’t have to worry about mildew problems with bamboo floors, and you’ll be pleased to learn that the bamboo used to make your floors grows back rather quickly, making it a sustainable option as well as a beautiful one.

Hardwood Floors

You simply cannot go wrong with classic hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are among the easiest to repair, require minimal effort to maintain, and are easy and quick to clean.

That being said, you’ll want to pay close attention to where the wood used for your hardwood floors comes from if you’re aiming for an eco-friendly option. Ideally, the sustainable hardwood comes from a forest that is sustainably managed.

Tile and Linoleum

The glory of linoleum tiles is that they’re naturally biodegradable and hypoallergenic. Linoleum is one of a few flooring products primarily made from natural raw products such as linseed oils, wood flour, resin and jute (a rough fiber made of plant stems). It’s stylish, quiet, and comfortable under foot.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Flooring

There are numerous benefits to choosing eco-friendly floors. Eco-friendly flooring options are :

  • — Healthier because they improve air quality in your home or office.

  • — Recyclable and reusable and therefore cost-effective.

  • — Sustainable and better for the environment.

  • — Less wasteful than other materials since they can be reused.

  • — Durable and stylish.

  • — Responsible choice for flooring.

Ready to give your floors an eco-friendly facelift? At Greenfield Flooring, we are standing by to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to submit a contact us form.

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