What Kind of Commercial Carpet Do You Need?

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Are you looking for new commercial carpet for a business location? You may feel overwhelmed at the thought of selecting the “wrong” carpet. Selecting carpet doesn’t have to be a chore – with the right information, it can actually be enjoyable! First, you’ll need to determine what’s the general purpose of the carpet.

  • • What kind of company do you have? Medical? Industrial? Food industry? Retail?
  • • How much traffic do your floors see in a given day?
  • • What’s the aura like? Professional? Casual? Nondescript?
  • • Will harsh chemicals, liquids, or food be around your new flooring?

You may be tempted to select one of the cheaper options for commercial carpet, but keep in mind cheaper carpets will likely wear faster than higher quality carpets. Replacing carpets has initial fees, but can also disturb workflow and decrease productivity for the business (depending on your installation options). Read more on Different Flooring For Different Businesses.

Construction of Commercial Carpet

How your carpet is constructed contributes to its performance. When you select your carpet, make sure you take its construction into consideration.

Face Weight/Pile Weight

Face weight, also known as pile weight, refers to how much yarn was used to make the carpet. It’s usually measured in ounce per square foot. Typically, commercial carpet has a face weight of 16-40 ounces of yarn per square foot of carpet.


The density of carpet is determined by how the yarn is woven. This is different than face weight. Some carpets have a tight weave with short threads, while others have long threads that are loosely pulled together. The density of a carpet determines how well the carpet will uphold to traffic and general wear and tear.


Carpets come with a variety of backing options that contribute to its longevity. Most carpets have a plastic backing that holds the yarn together. Some have an additional backing, called action bac, to increase security and pull resistance. Commercial carpets often have the regular plastic backing and a coating made out of latex instead of the secondary backing. You can select carpet that contains a moisture barrier if your specific location sees any type of moisture or liquid.


The underlayment of carpet is a critical component to the construction of commercial carpet. Many office carpets are glued directly to the floor, but sometimes padding makes more sense, depending on your specific needs. Padding reduces echo and adds extra insulation, perfect for colder regions like Rochester, NY. It’s also a good idea for stairs and conference rooms, where climbing/standing is required.


Fifty years ago, business owners were limited in their selection for commercial carpets. Now, you have virtually limitless options. You now have the privilege to select your:

  • • Color
  • • Texture
  • • Design
  • • Pattern
  • • Heathering

If you need help determining what kind of commercial carpet best suits your needs, contact us and we’d be happy to take you through our showroom and demonstrate our most popular options!


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