What Lies Beneath: The Importance of Flooring.

How often do you think about what goes on underneath your feet: the floor of your home or

Many people may take flooring for granted, but that can be a mistake. Your floors take the brunt of the impact from your daily activities, and the signs of wear and tear that often show up first on your floors can make a negative first impression on visitors to your home or business.

If you’re thinking about replacing one or more of your floors, you might be tempted just to buy the cheapest material available, but that can be a costly mistake. Just as you wouldn’t hire an employee who wasn’t qualified for the job, you shouldn’t install a floor that isn’t suited to the purpose you want it to serve.

Here are some things to think about when you’re trying to choose the right flooring for your home or office.


Not every room sees the same amount of foot traffic. Areas that see high amounts of traffic need durable flooring that can hold up to a lot of abuse while showing minimal signs of wear.

It is especially important to install a durable floor in the entryway of your home or business. This is the first area people will see as they enter your premises, so it will make a strong primary impression. Furthermore, entryways not only see a lot of people coming and going but also must stand up to the water, mud, and debris that individuals often drag into a building on their shoes as they enter.


The purpose and function of a room determine what sort of flooring you should install there. For example, restrooms require flooring that is resistant to water, such as tile or sheet vinyl. Other materials that may work perfectly well elsewhere in the building, such as carpet or wood, do not work well in the bathroom. Wet carpeting can develop mold, while wood floors exposed to moisture are prone to warping.


Whether you’re running a business or managing a home, you probably have more important things to concentrate on than cleaning and maintaining your floors. If you lead an active lifestyle and the area you are flooring sees a significant amount of traffic, opt for a material that is easy to clean and care for, such as linoleum.

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