Why Should I Hire a Professional to Install My Hardwood Flooring?

hardwood flooring installation

Hardwood flooring is an attractive flooring choice for the home or workplace. It is durable and allows you to create a space that is both stylish and functional.

At first, you might think that you can “DIY” your hardwood floor and save a few bucks. However, hardwood flooring installation is a job best reserved for a professional installer.

You want your flooring to last: it needs to withstand both the test of time and the test of daily usage.

Here are three reasons that hiring a professional is the best way to ensure that your new hardwood floor is as strong as it is beautiful.

1) Proper Preparation

Preparing to install hardwood flooring is, in many ways, more essential to a successful job than the installation itself.

Before you even purchase your flooring, you have to make decisions about the space. A professional can draw from his or her experience to help you make the right choices when it comes to aesthetics, materials, and measurements. Having someone with experience to offer guidance can be invaluable.

Additionally, taking a few preparation steps can make your floor sturdier. One of the most significant risks for a new wood floor is humidity. Professionals will acclimate your flooring to the space, allowing it to expand and shrink in the new space before installing it. This will help to prevent future cracking and warping, meaning your new floor will last longer.

2) Disposing of the Old Hardwood Flooring

Sometimes hardwood flooring is installed over the existing floor, but other times the old flooring should be removed. A professional can help you make this choice and will provide effective removal of the previous floor if needed. Professional removal will minimize any damage caused to your floor by the removal process.

Additionally, if the original floor needs to be removed, a professional can ensure that your subfloor is ready for your new hardwood. They will prepare the existing subfloor or install a new one if needed, and their experience will help determine which is the right course for your situation.

3) Experienced Installation

Of course, the installation is where the whole job comes together.

If it’s your first time, it can be challenging to install flooring even in a rectangular room. Rarely are rooms so evenly shaped. Hiring a professional will help you avoid the struggle and frustration of lining up all the panels correctly, resulting in a more attractive end product.

Get Help From a Professional

Enlisting the help of a professional installer can ensure that the new hardwood floor in your home or workplace is as sturdy as it is attractive. Get the best hardwood flooring Rochester, New York has to offer by contacting Greenfield Flooring.

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