Carpet Installation

Carpet and carpet tiles are the most used flooring applications in corporate spaces. Today’s carpet offers a wide variety of choices in style, texture and color. Because of the many different products available carpet can be the most cost effective way to enhance your space. With the advancement in technology, broadloom carpet and carpet tiles have become very durable and capable of offering a buyer luxury without the associated price tag.

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Greenfield flooring also offers expert installation of both broadloom carpet tiles and carpet. We offer an array of styles and colors from top carpet manufacturers. If you’d like, our professionals can help you choose a color and style that best suits your lifestyle, business, or organization. We will deliver a beautiful end result in a timely fashion making both the contractor and customer very happy. Come visit our carpet and flooring store to add style to your home or office.

We Take Care of Your Needs

We know that no carpet will look good on your floor if it isn’t properly installed. Our commitment to excellent workmanship and outstanding service has helped us build a trustworthy reputation. Because we focus on the needs of our customers, it encourages our satisfied customers to recommend us to all their friends, family, and coworkers.

Our Carpet Installation Services Include

  • Preparing subfloor surfaces by removing your old flooring
  • Delivering and laying out your new carpet flooring
  • Covering vents and entry ways to contain debris and dust
  • Removing project waste and cleaning up installation area
  • Walking through the final inspection with you
  • Providing warranty information and maintenance recommendations

Carpet Installation Rochester NYGetting the perfect carpet for your home or office is closer than you could ever imagine with our huge selection and professional team that can install it with proficiency. Our carpet installation experts will make sure your carpet fits your lifestyle—at an affordable price.

commercial carpet rochester ny

Add aesthetic energy to your office with affordable carpet

  • Proven track record of repeat customers in multiple industries
  • Established great relationships with distributors to offer best pricing
  • Experienced at working with all participants to complete project on time
  • Offer an incredible variety of styles, textures & colors
  • We’re local & serve all commercial industries in Rochester & surrounding areas

Commercial Carpet Procedures

  • Bidding: We thoroughly review your bid project by examining the floor plan, finish plan and site visits. We ensure that our proposals are complete & on time.
  • Direct Proposals: We collaborate with the customer, designer, or architect to find the most cost effective option and turn the envisioned space into reality. Our great relationship with a wide variety of distributors will ensure you receive the best pricing.
  • Planning & Budget: We offer you an estimate on the needed material and accurate installation prices before we begin your commercial carpet project.
  • Night Installations: Need new carpet, but hesitant about losing productivity? We can do overnight carpet installations using a special lift system to avoid disturbing work stations like desks, cubicles, and dividers.

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Go Green with Carpeting

Curious about the carpet you’re getting? We use environmentally-friendly materials and perform energy-efficient installations. Our aim is to maintain a balanced environment whenever we purchase from carpet manufacturers. The products we offer are not only good for the environment, but also benefit your business and the community.

  • Utilizes, instead of wastes, natural resources
  • Works against pollution

You Can’t Go Wrong With Commercial Carpet for Your Business

Are you a business in need of a new flooring? Commercial carpet offers several benefits to businesses and organizations like yours.

General Maintenance

Business floors commonly receive a lot of foot traffic, which means they’re more likely to have spills, muddy or snowy footprints, scuffing, etc. Carpet is easy to maintain. Vacuuming and regular deep-cleanings are enough to keep carpet looking its best.
For areas in your office building that get more traffic than others, you can put down tiles of carpet or a higher grade of carpet to easily address wear and tear.

Carpet’s Visual Aesthetic

Your employees are sure to feel more productive when working in an environment that feels like a professional place of business. Our carpet store offers a number of selections for you to choose from so you find the perfect carpet option that fits the culture and general feeling you want to project inside your place of business.
Carpet dampens noise and doesn’t encourage echo (as do hardwood floors). If you want to create a quiet workplace where your employees can concentrate and have fewer distractions, carpet might be a great option for your office.

Carpet Cost

You’ll likely focus just as much on price as you do your range of options when looking for flooring for your company. Carpet comes in such a wide variety of styles and brands that business owners can almost always find an option that fits the budget of their business.
Since carpet doesn’t require much preparation, carpet installation is fast and straightforward; you won’t have to stop workflow and waste company time. You can get back to business as quickly as possible.

Great for Residential Properties As Well

Carpet is also great for residential properties and offers many of the same benefits as commercial carpet. Carpet is more comfortable to step on during the colder months of the year (unlike hardwood).

No matter if you’re a homeowner or a business owner, there’s much more to learn about residential and commercial carpet.

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commercial carpet installation rochester ny

Carpets We Install

  • Patcraft Commercial
  • Mannington Commercial Carpet
  • Masland Contract
  • Stanton Commercial Carpet
  • Tandus Commercial Carpet
  • Interface Carpet
  • Cambridge / Boylu – Commercial Carpet
  • Atlas Carpets – Commercial
  • Shaw Contract (under NYS contract; installed in >80 countries)
  • The Mohawk Group (under NYS contract) – Lees / Bigelow / Durkin / Karastan
  • Always adding more!

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