Flooring Options for Healthcare Facilities

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When constructing a healthcare facility that promotes healing and accessibility, the flooring is a critical part of the design. Healthcare facilities and hospitals experience a high flow of unique traffic. That means they require specialized flooring for each area in the facility to make it as comfortable and clean as possible. Below are some common room layouts for a hospital and flooring options to consider for each one.

Entrances, Exits, and Corridors

The first area patients and visitors see in a hospital are the entrances. These floors will experience the heaviest foot traffic. Hospital entrances should feature a welcoming, durable floor that will make a strong first impression. Terrazzo and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) are good options for hospital entrances because these materials are durable and stand up well to heavy traffic. Sheet vinyl flooring also features design versatility to give you options with aesthetics (also a good choice for the hallways).

Operating Rooms & Emergency Rooms

In the areas with the most stringent infection control requirements, you want materials that are easy-to-clean and promote cleanliness. A smooth flooring that is installed properly will stop dirt and fluids from hiding in crevices or beneath surfaces. We recommend LVT, linoleum, or sheet, because the materials and installation process make it possible to create aseptic spaces.

Hospital Cafeterias

Cafeteria floors will also receive a great deal of traffic (and messiness from food/beverage spillage). You may want to choose a textured pattern for the cafeteria floor, which is slip-retardant and will hide scuffs and scratches. Sheet vinyl, LVT, and tile will meet the requirements of a hospital cafeteria. The natural textures and design versatility of these materials allow general contractors to create a comfortable cafeteria environment that promotes relaxation.

Treatment Areas and Nurse Stations

A nurse station can’t simply shut down for floor polishing and waxing. In these areas, you want a flooring material that is comfortable and will minimize maintenance time. LVT and bio-based tile (BBT) are good choices for these areas. These materials have protective coatings which minimize the need for chemical cleaning and buffing. LVT materials have adhesive backings, which reduce installation time and disruption to patient care.

Patient Rooms

These rooms don’t require aseptic flooring, which means you have more options to make patient rooms more homelike and comfortable. LVT, linoleum, and sheet tile are good materials because you can promote the natural look of stone, wood, or tweed while maintaining durability and staying within your budget. We also have many textile flooring options, which provide the look and feel of carpet while keeping the performance benefits of tile flooring.

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