The Advantages of Laminate Flooring for Commercial Properties

Laminate Flooring for Commercial Properties

The perfect flooring for your commercial property will serve several functions. It will be affordable and easy to maintain. It will be durable and hold up for years. It will look good, promoting your brand every time customers walk in the door. For all of these reasons, laminate flooring is often a good choice for a company. It is often used in commercial properties due to its combination of affordability and versatility, as it can easily be installed over existing flooring.

Laminate Flooring Options

Decades ago the choices available in laminate flooring design were limited. Nowadays this has changed and it can faithfully reproduce the look of wood, stone and other natural materials. You have a choice of a variety of brands and should easily be able to find a design style that is appropriate for commercial properties. You can choose from a large variety of textures and styles and color shades. Furthermore, this type of flooring does not have defects. Each board or plank is of consistent quality and workmanship. Many options now reduce the slippery quality of the flooring with textured surfaces, and choices are also available to reduce the hard feel of laminate.


For a number of reasons, laminate flooring is among the most affordable of choices. The cost of the materials has a range, but even the most expensive laminate is usually significantly less than other flooring choices. The installation process has changed over the years from a fairly complicated process to one that is relatively straightforward. The cost of installation is also less than other forms of flooring. All of this makes a laminate floor one of the best bargains around. Maintenance and repair of this flooring choice is relatively easy, though it should never be installed in areas that have high humidity such as a bathroom, kitchen or laundry area.


Most laminate flooring is resistant to dents and scratches. It has a wear layer that protects the underlying photographic layer. It is also very resistant to stains and if a stain does occur it is typically easy to clean. How long the flooring will last depends upon the type you buy and the level of traffic the flooring sees. A general estimate is that it will last between 10 and 25 years. It is particularly suitable for showrooms, office spaces and other areas that only see foot traffic. Another advantage is that laminate helps repel mold and bacteria making it mold resistant.


Laminate flooring looks good in many commercial properties and it can be installed quickly. Its mix of durability and ease of maintenance make it appropriate for a business environment, while keeping custodial costs low. It can be installed just about anywhere in commercial properties without a lot of preparation work or stripping of the old floors. The design options continue to expand and new technologies have improved the natural appearance of laminate. Expert installation can increase the natural appearance of the flooring by skillfully arranging the patterns in the flooring planks. This type of flooring is among the best values in the flooring industry.

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